For interior painting projects that are being lived in currently we ask that all furniture be moved away from the surfaces that will be painted and that any wall adornments or paintings are taken down before hand. Our painters will provide covering for furniture and maximum floor protection, included if you sign on with us. For exterior painting we request a source for water and electrical utilities in order to provide pressure washing services, as is standard given our caliber of exterior work. Any preparation needed is discussed with you, our client, before the start date of the project with the help of our attentive customer service team and experienced painting crew.

Sinclair Painting Company, Inc provides basic prep services for exterior painting projects which include cleaning surfaces in order to create the fundamental conditions needed for a flawless paint finish. Depending on the type of surface and time of year, prep can include the removal of paint through a variety of methods such as electric sanding and chemical stripping.

For exterior painting projects we allow our painters prep as much as possible given Cal OSHA safety regulations. Our painters are also instructed to put up tarps where needed to preserve the quality of the work already completed. Once the weather conditions change to where it is safe for our painters to return to the project these areas will be touched up and the project will continue as scheduled. We appreciate the clients understanding in these situations in which we not only want to keep our painters safe but also do not want to work in conditions that will compromise the quality of the overall project. Our customer service and project management team will do their best to warn of potential rain days for ongoing exterior projects when possible.

No, picking the paint can be part of the process we assist you with. Whether you have no idea where to start or already have a direction in mind our project management and customer service team work with our knowledgeable painters to suggest colors, finishes, and paint companies. We work with you in order to bring your vision to life.

While we don’t recommend painting pre-finished anodized metal, our painters are quite talented and have experience with a variety of surfaces. The most common for exterior painting are stucco, wood, brick and concrete.

No, our project management and customer service team works with you to provide these services when needed. Before the project start our team will reach out to you about these services and any placement preferences for portable toilets, street space signs, etc.

In regards to exterior painting we provide free onsite estimates for exterior painting of one full side or more. Interior painting, for commercial spaces, we look for projects above 800 sq ft. while for residential we tend to service those of 1,000 sq ft or more. These sizes are not set in stone so please feel free to reach out as these change given the season and on an individual basis! We do our best to make sure we are transparent with potential clients regarding the most cost effective pricing we can offer based on their project size. We look forward to hearing from you!